Lamination Types

Are your business cards always getting destroyed or thrown away? After a week storing in the wallet, do they look like they have been through a washing machine?If this sound like you, look into buying Laminated Business Cards. Laminated cards are a fairly uncommon purchase, but is a great way to protect your cards, as well as make them stick out to prospective clients.

Velvet Laminated Cards

Velvet Lamination provides such a soft texture that is often compared to the skin of a fresh peach. Also known as “Velvet-feel”, it adds a layer that results in long lasting prints with a delicate feel. Velvet laminate finish can easily wow a target audience by providing a deeper, richer and more vibrant look to printed materials. 

Choose velvet if you need: Material that increases the life of your print, Striking yet elegant appearance, durable prints that seduce audience – Non Glossy effect.

Matte Laminated Cards

Boost your image with Matte Laminated Cards. Style may come and go but matte business cards are always in fashion. With tactile feel of satin or silk, your cards can really make a statement. 

Matte Lamination is perfect if you want to: Stress a high level of professionalism, Exclusivity, show your environmental concerns or just to write on the card.

Gloss Laminated Cards

Gloss has become very popular as a business card finish. This is a nice touch for any business card, because it adds a smooth finish and a different texture to the business card that is applied to. It slightly raises the surface and adds a tactile feel that makes anyone that receives it run their thumb across.

Gloss Lamination is ideal if you are in fashion, a premium brand, appealing to female audience or just looking for a point of difference from your competitors.


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