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single fold brochures

With just one fold, you add an edge to your presentation. This fold can be used with any size of paper  from depending on your need. 

This fold is perfect for bulletins. 

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Classic Trifold brochures

This is the most common fold for brochures. one paper is folded twice to form 3 panels of equal sizes. 

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Die cut Z-FOLD Brochures

The Z fold  is a unique fold that allows for fast reading. The die cut edge brings out a good visual effect when folded making your brochure stand out. 

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Four Panel fold






These are convenient for giving information that can be represented  visually. For example a travel guide map or a step by step info-graphic. the fold makes it easy to store and transport. 

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These can be used to add just a little extra information to the Trifold brochure. you can use them to attach a detachable discount voucher or feedback form instead of haveing two separate documents

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These are brochures with a continuous z fold. They are perfect for promotional items where each panel contains one product and are not limited to size. 

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