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Standard Business Cards


Material: Ivory board 250 gsm

Size:         90 mm x 50 mm

Production: 1 Business day after approval of artworks

Standard cards that costs Kshs 1,700.00  (pack of 200 cards) printed single side or Kshs 2,200.00  (pack of 200 cards) printed Double side is the best selection if you use a significant amount of business cards.

This price is for Square cut cards.

Options: Double side printing, Round corner cards, Lamination


Professionally printed business cards are a must-have for connecting with current and would-be customers. They can build and enhance your company identity and for this reason your business card should be high quality and have a professional look.

We are aware that each business has its different needs and targets, so we are happy to offer a wide range of possibilities to make your custom business cards personal and unique. Our Business Cards come in a variety of coatings such as Velvet or Matte. We can even print your business card with rounded edges as opposed to the standard edges.

Need a business card design? We have a team of Graphic designers that will design a business card for you. Whether it be a classic and formal design or an original and cutting edge design, we will work closely with you to achieve your graphic design goal.

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